5 Ways You Can Rethink Your Workspace in 2019

Since many of us spend such a big part of our lives at our workplace, it is important to work in an environment that is healthy and productive.

By creating a workspace where employees feel comfortable, productivity and efficiency will improve as a whole, and the vibe can even bring a nice social element to the workplace that employees look forward to every day. Even the most minor ways things are structured around the office can make a major impact on the overall synergy of the workplace. A well-built, attractive workspace can be key to beating out competitors and boosting output.

Get Creative

Something as small as the the design of chairs and desks can have an impact on attentiveness and productivity. Filling your corporate space with chairs that influence strong posture versus comfort can drastically improve the alertness of employees.  Simply filling a meeting room with stools instead of big cushioned chairs could cause employees to be less nonchalant during business meetings while being forced to sit up straight and participate.

If your office is more laid-back, you can go the casual route and scatter bean bag chairs around the room. For example, a digital marketing agency might mix more casual seating in with regular computer chairs in order to give employees the option of working from their laptop or desktop computer.

The simple added factor of strongly lit rooms can also instantly change the tone of any workspace. It is important to make sure offices and meeting rooms have at least some form of natural light coming in, or even some type of floor lamp. An employee is way more likely to be acute and less passive while working in a room with some natural sunshine.

Things as little as adding color to the office or throwing on music in the office on Fridays can also improve your company’s culture.

Improve Collaboration/Social   

Not many people like to sit in solitude all day with little to no communication with anyone at work. Creating a workspace where everyone is within close vicinity can be great in allowing employees to collaborate and help each other with problems they may face. Chance encounters and interactions between employees are a guaranteed way to increase productivity in an office.

Something as simple as the strategic placement of a coffee machine or printer can boost interaction between employees and stimulate a happier and more motivated workplace. We sometimes forget that building relationships with other co-workers and limiting isolation can be one of the most crucial aspects of a strong work environment.

Become Super Organized

A workspace that is a mess and unorganized is a recipe for disaster. Everything in the office should be easily accessible and fairly simple to locate in order to cut wasted time. By creating a room or closet with every single office tool labeled alphabetically in an organized fashion, employees will not waste 20 minutes at a time looking around for a stapler.

Exploring the option of a third party storage facility can also be great in reducing clutter around the office, which would allow the freed up space to be used for more optimal resources. Being able to access every file easily and quickly online through your company’s database is also a must.   

Keep it Clean

No employee wants to go to a work with dirty floors, leftover food, or stained desks. Productivity is surely to boost in a work environment that is spotless and germ-less.

There are many options for freshening your employee’s private workspace, such as adding some nice plants, spreading out a bunch of air fresheners, or even just opening some windows to let in fresh air. Having a cleaning team come in to make sure the workspace is up to par will allow employees to come in every morning to a neat and tidy work environment.

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