Cooltra Scooters: The “Cool” Way to See Barcelona

Europe’s biggest scooter rental company is the biggest for a reason–they also happen to be the coolest.

Scooters can take you places. Like this mountaintop panoramic view of Barcelona.

There’s nothing like the freedom a scooter brings. Wind in your hair, the scents of the city available to you in just a gentle breath, sights and sounds surrounding you just beyond the reach of your wheels… Exploring a place via scooter offers an up-close-and-personal city experience not found in an overpriced taxi, cumbersome rental car, or overcrowded Metro line.

Maybe I’m biased. We have a sky-blue Kymco People scooter at home and we miss it like it’s a member of the family. It’s our favorite way to hop around West Palm Beach because it’s the most hassle-free way to dart in and out of downtown as we please. Leg over, push start, scoot to desired destination, park (almost) anywhere. Couldn’t be less trouble.

Pretty sights ahead and behind. Picture taken in the heart of the Gothic Quarter.

Two months into our round-the-world trip, our scooter-less hearts were aching for the thrill of conquering the roads on two little wheels. When we added Barcelona–a total scooter city–to our itinerary, we knew it was time. And, alas, Cooltra to the rescue. With outrageously low prices and locations ALL OVER Barcelona, their scooter rental company is the clear choice when it comes to value and convenience.

Welcome to Cooltra.

With a Cooltra rental, you’ll receive complimentary helmets and an extra helmet storage case if needed. Also included is insurance, 24/7 road assistance, some gas to get you started, and even free tours if you want them. In other words: peace of mind included with every rental. All of their scooters are shiny, new, and totally spick and span–they clean them before and after every rental!

See? Super shiny!

The staff at Cooltra shops are well informed, friendly, and eager to help. On our first visit, the girl working the front desk even took the time to write down her favorite spots in Barcelona–places we couldn’t miss during our scooting explorations!

Getting the rundown before I scoot.

As if those facts weren’t enough to put Cooltra on top, they also have a revolutionary bike-sharing service called eCooltra. You can simply rent a scooter for as long as you need to drive to your destination; this “free-float” motosharing system allows users to pick up and drop off the scooter wherever they please. No need to worry about a helmet, insurance, maintenance, fuel, etc.–it’s all right there, already taken care of for you. Geolocation technology allows you to locate the nearest scooter, which you’ll reserve with your phone, and then off you go! You pay by the minute and then simply drop it off wherever your journey ends.

Don’t forget your helmet–five different sizes available.

Cooltra is changing the scooter-rental game and making it easier for residents and tourists alike to lose themselves in the wonder of many different cities across Europe, especially Barcelona. The city’s streets are lined with scooter parking spots, and scooters are even allowed down some of the narrowest cobblestone alleyways in the Gothic Quarter. A scooter isn’t just a scooter; it’s a license to explore farther, to explore deeper. Roaming around on a scooter affords you the opportunity to experience Barcelona as it really is–churro-scented, colorful, noisy, and alive.

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